Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Redistricting Board - Cordova, Sitka, Juneau

There are people signed up at some of the LIO sites so they are reconvening.

Cordova, Supt. of Schools.

Jim Nygaard - Supt. of Schools.  North of District 5 - Beneifts of existing district - keeping coastal communities together is good for education, airlines, freight.  Likesize coastal communities keeps our interest being heard.  If grouped with others, our interests could be lost altogether.  Cordova is tied to SE Alaska.  Please consider bringing additional communities to our district when you redraw.  Appreciate your time, thanks. 

Torgerson:  Cordova is on our list.

School Board member - Nice to keep smaller coastal community together, similar needs, economies - fisheries.  Current representation.  Nice to not be overshadowed by larger cities.

Haines back on?  He hung up.  Sorry.  That's all for this segment.  Recess.  5:06.
Juneau LIO, we have someone. 
We don't have the name, please introduce

Connie McKenzie, in Juneau.  Testify in favor of Alaskans for Equitable Redistricting.  With the change here, I like how these four drawn.  Keeps Juneau 4 pretty much intact.  A bit from District 3.  And keeps a Native influence district, small and native communities.  32.5% native rep in that district.  Also 3 and 4 splits Sitka in half. part in with 3 and part with 1 (Ketchikan).  Then Sitka would have two senators and two representatives even though split. 

Gerry Hope:  Pres of Sitka Chamber of Commerce.  Looking for opportunity for more detailed presentation and testimony.  No real chance to look at the options. 

Torgerson:  That's fair.  We'll post them on the web as soon as we can.  Anyone else?  Hearing none, we will break 5:09 and come back when there are other people. 

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