Thursday, March 31, 2011

Live Blogging from Redistricting Board - Valdez and Juneau here in Force

It's March 31.  The last day to present plans to the Alaska Redistricting Board.  The meeting starts at noon and is being teleconferenced around the state.  The fact that it is also open for folks to walk in at the Legislative Information Office in Anchorage wasn't so clearly mentioned on the announcements on the Board's website. 

But people who pay attention to this are aware.  There's a significant contingent from Valdez here - The city manager, city clerk, city attorney, mayor, and economic development director.  (They're mostly on the right.)  John Harris, the former representative from Valdez is also here.  The mayor Juneau is also here. 

The meeting has just started and John Torgerson said there will be five plans presented today, about two and a half hours. 

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