Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bill Noll and Lois Epstein Testify in Anchorage


Bill Noll, East Anchorage, Republican District chair.  Thanks.  Support of the design put together by plan presented this afternoon.  Solution for District 20 and 21 was very good.  Elegant solution, neighborhood with common background.  Further north in 19 also elegant since much of that population is military, part military, retired military.  That's all I want to testify this afternoon.  Thank you.

Lois Epstein - Thanks for opportunity.  Anchorage engineer, District 26, ten year resident.  Want to support apolitical redistricting.  Came from DC, I've been paying attention to how states have been doing redistricting.  Iowa has a complete apolitical redistricting.  Here we support trusted goernment.  This is an area where the public can be more supportive.  I live near New Sagaya downtown.  We have three districts.  That supports Democrats.  I'm a Democrat.  That's crazy that we live close together have three districts.


Liz Medicine-Crow
Here to speak to you as a member of the largest racial minority in the state.  Rep of myself, my clan, my community.  Couldn't let this time go pass

David Cruz in Fairbanks -   Looking at map from Alaskans for Fair and Equitable Redistricting.   As it comes down S. Cushman, everything to the South is District 9, before it was jumbled up.  It shifts Dis 10 to the east and North Pole.  Center is Ft. Wainright, little bit of N Pole, of Fairbanks, etc.  rolls it a little east.   I think its very fair and equitable.  Affect maybe 10% of our population and makes it contiguous.   6:20pm

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