Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alaskans for Fair and Equitable Redistricting Presentation

I thought this was the Alaska Republicans because Randy Ruedrich is part of them.  But they have another name - Alaskans for Fair and Equitable Redistricting.  I think. I'm not sure of the name, it sounds an awful lot like the previous one. (The previous one, I believe, was Alaskans for Equitable Redistricting. )

David Mayberry is talking - retrogression of one Native majority seats is unavoidable.  He's explaining why District 6 isn't going to be salvagable.  If Board reassigned prisoner population to their homes of record, it would improve this.

Since District 40 is ok with deviation, we can take Shishmereff and Marshall and Russian Mission, District 39 deviation is ok. 

I've been using the video so I haven't written all this down.  He's going through details of the new districts.  Since this is a statewide plan he's gone all over the state including details of what sounds like significantly rearranging Anchorage districts.

Now he's in Fairbanks and Northpole.  Balance of surplus population must be added to new district ten.  And west of NP going to District 7, and added new precincts have many active duty and retired military.  District 8 , sorry I just can't keep up.

There is significant moving around it sounds like.

I encourage the board to consider this carefully. 

McConnochie:  Will get a copy of the actual map?
Ruedrich:  I believe they were submitted yesterday.

Attorney white:  Retrogression issue.  Looking atyour deviation data.  Looks like only 3 house majority/minority districts and one influence district?  Retrogression is unavoidable because of the population shifts? 
Ruedrich:  37 may get to ?? depending on the final numbers.  We've been having problems with the software so numbers are preliminary. 

They're done.  It's 1:50pm

Valdez is next

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