Thursday, March 31, 2011

Juneau presents plan for four new districts including Cordova

April 18, 19, 20 there will be public hearings.  I'm behind.  They are all going to the first three Anchorage, Fairbanks, and I think Juneau.

Statewide teleconference May 6, and then they'll set a schedule for meetings and adoption of final plan.  GIS folks will have to do final check, hopefully, by June 4.  We have to June 14, but given need for DOJ pre-clearance, we're hoping to be ready early.

Will go into presentation.  Mayor Botelho first. from Juneau

.  Also Jim Baldwin, consultant for Juneau.  We have two plans.  List of principles we used.  Ultimately, we have used the Board's guidelines, mirroring the priority order the AK SC enunciated in Hickel v SE Conference.

Could we under the voting rights act avoid retrogression?  Decision early on, shoud SE Alaksa encompass cordova.  Until 2002 in SC, concluded Cordova inapprorpriate.  Majority of court said it would violate the compactness elecement of Constitution, but acceptible if necessary for avoiding deviation.   There are four ideal house districts.  Total variationslightly over 1%. 

Only endorsed by city and borough of Juneau.  Not others, though we have consulted others.  There is no configuration of the plan that can . . .

I've been video taping but that can't get up that fast.  There would be four districts in Juneau's plan A.  One 'native effective district'.  There will be incumbents running against each other in two house districts, one ok, and one district without an incumbent.  Two incumbent Senators would run against each other.

The room is getting filled up.

UPDATE 10:30pm  Here's a Juneau Empire piece describing meetings in Juneau preparing for this and with more detail for Plans A and B. ]

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