Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AFL-CIO, Logging Contacts, and District 21

About 4:05pm three more people:

Joelle Hall
Joelle Hall - AFL-CIO Political Director. Thank you all for doing this. Public service not being paid, this is a big task. I wish there were 40 million more behind me making good use of your time.

AFL CIO member of Alaskans for Fair Redistricting. Our view, we'd like on the record, we feel the current districting has created a good balance for Alaska voters. The most competitive district is the best for the district. When two candidates both have a good chance to win is the best - then the best candidates will win. At least nine highly competitive districts. 1/4 of the House. In any given year, the quality of the candidates, campaign, mood of people. Things can change. 53% of Alaskans are non-partisans and in competitive districts, they get represented.

In a time with lots of stridency on both sides of the aisle - Alaska is different, Alaska has cooperation.
Highly competitive districts and folks working across the aisle evidence that the plan is working well. I know lots of population change is a great challenge, but urge you to retain the competitiveness. Gives Alaska the ability to be different in the situation.

Housekeeping. Saw in public notice - I saw some administrative meetings before public hearings, can that business part be webcast or audio cast?

Steve Aufrecht [That would be this blogger]: I've been sitting at these meetings. Last time you discussed being able to talk as individuals to members of the public. I think that's the right decision. I would ask that you consider logging those contacts, at least ones more than a few minutes, so that public is aware. All the paper you get you will put up on the website. So you should at least list all the oral contact as well. Thank you.

Bill Noll
Bill Noll: District 21, among other things, Chair of Republican party in District 21.
1. Has seen growth in population but is 1400 or so below the 17,755, as way to amend that, 21 has added that precinct on top of Stuckagain Heights - the old Joe Henry, Roger Premo district. It is now in District 32, one of the big districts. Basher could be added to 21. Don't have a cure - Senate Distric K, 21 and 22 is overall short and we welcome anything reasonable. East Side of Anchorage has up trend with the valley.
Another area - 36 comes to mind - Brother Brodie and I worked to gether in Valdez. They are terribly short in 36 - about 3000 - mutually interest both culturally and i industry - fish. East-West Access could reach out to Cold Bay even - they'd have a fishing similarity. Congratulations on Kotzebue numbers coming out well.

Fish related to Kodiak - earthquake in Japan. Is anyone paying attention to the economic impact of earthquake on fish. Sendai and that area north of Tokyo big problem and lots of buyers there. Off track from the assignment. But I see leaders of the state here, I'll call Alan Austerman to see what can be done for Alaska industry.

Torgerson: Recess at 4:15pm and wait for next wave.

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