Thursday, March 31, 2011

Closing Few Folks Testify Before 7pm Adjournment

Bruce Schulte - District 28 (he was here last week)  The map on the wall works for me.  That's all.

Torgerson:  Thank you. 

Communities on tele
Fairbanks, Anchorage, Sitka, Haines, Cordova, Wasilla, Delta Junction, Valdez, Dillingham, Juneau,  Thank LIO offices around the state for hanging in to 7pm.  We'll recess we have 15 minutes.

6:53: Cordova Mayor

Thank you.  Jim Kallander., we want to remain in District 5 with other SE communities.  We understand that Valdez wants us to join them and we have no interest.  Don't want to be part of the pipeline communities.  We're happy where we are. 

White:  If Cordova can't be with SE, what would be your second choice?

Jim Kallander:  I'm not sure yet.  We've taken this stand.  This is my first time going through redistricting.  POlitically it seems pretty nasty to me.  People all over the state, feel like some illegitimate child being tossed around.  Give me some choices so I can talk to council and the community.  Thanks for all the work that you're doing. 

Torgerson:  We'll stand in recess.

7pm Adjourn.  Next meeting Monday at 10am - at Redistricting office.

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