Monday, June 13, 2011

Board's Attorney Suggests 2 Year and 4 Year Pairings; All But One Truncation

The Board meeting is about to begin (10am) and you can listen in here and watch their computer screen here at GoToMeeting.

Tomorrow their proclamation is due and it's their last meeting.  I'm doing today's meeting from home since I have a zillion things to do this week.

They do have their attorney's letter posted today that identifies the Senate seats that should be truncated (all but Juneau's - old B and new P) and which should be two year and four year terms.    Below is an excerpt from the letter.

I'm not sure why it's simplest to make the one seat that was not truncated (held by a Democrat) a two year seat. They've alternated two and four year seats alphabetically.  It would seem even simpler to make the chart start with A in the two year column and B in the second year column.  Perhaps Mr. White will explain that.

I'll put this up for now so you know what's happening.  I just called in and found out they are running a bit late and that's why the online connection isn't functioning yet.

UPDATE 10:26: Still no audio.

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