Friday, April 15, 2011

The Book Table - Oak Park

This is one of those special independent book stores.  Obviously the people who buy books for this  store aren't using the same model as the buyers at chain book stores.  This book store is for people who think.  And then I noticed the prices were considerably lower than most places.  For new books.  So I talked to Jason at the counter.  I should have taken notes, but essentially I think he said they go through discounted lots and other sources of  lower priced books.  He also mentioned being kind if I recall correctly.  On their website, they expand:
 We have great publisher's overstock, and we do just about every other legal thing you can imagine to stock great titles at even better prices. After working in seven different bookstores between the two of us over the years, we learned a lot of secrets on how to get the best books and sell them at the best prices, so we do just that. Also, if we don't have a book in stock, we'll happily special order it--and even most special orders will be offered to you at a 20% discount, and it generally only takes a few days. 
We chatted a bit and soon he was looking for some books for me.  How about a first edition of Limbo?  $200.  Not exactly what I was looking for.  He got some more options.  I gave him more information, and bingo, he came back the just the sort of thing I was looking for. 

It's not like people don't know about this bookstore.  It's been there for eight years.  And the Chicago Reader named it the Best Bookstore for 2010. 

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