Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What Do Peace Corps Volunteers Do? Juneau Returned Volunteers

Some Juneau Returned Peace Corps Volunteers gathered Monday night to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of JFK signing the law that created the Peace Corps.  In these two short videos they tell you what country they served in and what they did.

The first video includes people who went to Ukraine, Thailand, Nepal, Rwanda, and Morocco.

The second video has people who were in Nigeria, Afghanistan, El Salvador, India, Cambodia, Guinnea-Bissau, and Paraguay.

Here's an older post with a few Anchorage and Fairbanks Returned Peace Corps Volunteer pictures and what they've been doing after Peace Corps.


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  3. Hello!
    My husband and I served in Uzbekistan and are looking to join the local RPCV group in Juneau. Do you have a contact person I could get in touch with? Thank you!
    Gwenna Corvez

  4. Gwenna, There are good people in beautiful Juneau. email me and I'll forward your message to Jerry Smeltzer. Or just look up any of the folks in the video in the Juneau phone book or online.


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