Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video - Redistricting Board Attorney White and ED Miller

I asked the attorney, Michael White, about whether the public would have access to the computer software they are using to manipulate the data and test out different plans. He suggested I talk to the Executive Director, Ron Miller.

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  1. Thanks for trying to find the answer to that question. It was asked some time ago at their Facebook page, to which there was no response. It is nice to hear that we Alaskans aren't sophisticated enough to get copies of the software nor to use it without a "staff" member by their side.

    It may well be that the particular software purchased for this redistricting is complicated. However, given that the underlying database is freely available (US Census) and that GIS coordinates should also be present, someone with access to something like ArcGIS or the equivalent ought to be able to do the statistics and plan the maps. I believe there was once a version available for the 1990 Census somewhere that allowed the public to make their own maps-- it was sophisticated enough that the state's legislature could do it ( ;) )on their own and various maps were made for consideration.

    I'm afraid that Mr Miller's attitude ("much too complicated for the public to use") doesn't bode well for participation.


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