Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two More: District 6 and District 17&32 (Eagle River)


Geri Simon - attorney by trade, work for village corporation here in Anchorage, speaking on my own behalf. Process is very important to my family and people home in the Interior. As you know District 6 has 90 odd villages. Mine has 100+ people on a good day. Want to keep the district as much as possible as it is. Good representation now. Everyone has equal opportunity to gain from our current representation. Interior Alaska saw the greatest out migration - to Fairbanks mostly. As you draw the lines take those folks into consideration. Some parts of Fairbanks has a large number of Alaska Native population. I've worked with the Native vote process since 1998 and used numbers then. Now better technology.

Also encourage group to visit some of the more rural areas District 6 - while you go to Bethel, many won't be coming in from outlying communities. About $340 from
to Fairbanks one way. I work for Tyonek here. It's $150 one way for a half hour flight. If people go into to town to testify it will be because they also have a medical appointment.

Pete Giessel - District 17 resident. Don't want to waste your time. ER districts horribly mangled, especially 32 from ER to Hope. Divides community, doesn't keep them together. Part is much more like 17 voters, the rest doesn't share our concerns. It's a bad division. Those parts of 32 should be put back with rest of Eagle River.

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