Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Redistricting Board - A Couple More Comments

Attorney Michael White:

Ms. Lamb[nd]reth's comment on the first part is right - last sentence of par. 2c and move it up to be the last paragraph 2b.

The second part I don't agree with her yet - removing unavoidable before retrogression

Heidi Drygas - Gen Council from Alaska District Council Laborers. AK faces significant challenges because of growth and loss in parts of the state. But we should resist the urge to make significant changes. Districts we have now work well, and to the extent we can maintain them we should. Resulted in good party representation in the state as well as Native representation. Current districts under 2001 plan represents the people well.

2:14pm: Deborah Williams: Reserve bulk of comments to March 31 because we are eagerly looking at numbers and drawing lines. Appreciate that opportunity to present the plans March 31.
1. You've already taken care of - the guideline issues.
2. Saw in most recent notice, your desire to have administrative board meetings prior to the public hearings. I would recommend you do one of two things at the prehearing board meetings;
a. telephonically communicated - notify people on mailing list and calling number. If technically impossible.
b. have staff as quickly as possible summarize the meeting send out info to mailing list.

Thank you for your hard work. Very impressed by your deliberations, Last meeting was outstanding.

2:19 recess until next wave.

Board continued to sit as a group and talk about the Federal law.

Torgerson: Stop talking until we're on the record.

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