Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More testimony, a map

Again, this is live blogging so there will be lots of typos and mispellings - particularly of people's names.  Sorry.

Vicky Russell - Retired teacher. Alaska Women's Political Caucus. Glad you've adopted and shared guidelines. Appreciate your commitment to avoid politican and racial gerrymandering. The 2001 apportionment led to balance politically and allowed our legistors to work together. And want to be sure Alaska Natives represented fairly in legislature. Remind you these are important decisions, due care, represent the rights of all Alaskans to be represented fairly.

Torgerson: During the break, legal gave us new guidelines for Federal. Can you walk us through the memo?

Michael White: This is beyond administrative issues - full discussion with the board pushing more than we can do. Perhaps . . . any upcoming meetings teleconferenced? We could meet then so people could listen and hear. Don't want people to say it isn't on the agenda.

At the break talk to each of you, but no notice to public of this issue.

Quiet - they're thinking.

Torgerson: OK, we'll stand in recess at 2:53pm. They went out for coffee and snacks and are walking back in now at about 3:11.

If you are in downtown Anchorage, come by and just ask questions, look at the maps.

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