Thursday, March 03, 2011

Capitol's Quiet - Lawmakers at Energy Council in DC

That's from one of the many tv monitors scrolling the meeting schedules in the Capitol.

BASIS - the Legislative website - tells it more clearly in the adjournment announcements for both houses of the legislature.

Checking today with the Legislative Affairs Office,  I learned that 14 of the 20 State Senators have traveled to Washington for the Energy Council Conference:

Senator John Coghill (R)
Senator Fred Dyson (R)
Senator Cathy Giessel (R)
Senator Charlie Huggins (R)
Senator Lesil McGuire (R)
Senator Linda Menard (R)
Senator Bert Stedman (R)
Senator Gary Stevens (R)
Senator Joe Thomas (R)
Senator Tom Wagoner (R)
Senator Johnny Ellis (D)
Senator Lyman Hoffman (D)
Senator Donny Olson (D)
Senator Joe Paskvan (D)

And 14 of the 40 members of the House went

Rep. Tammie Wilson (R)
Rep. Anna Fairclough (R)
Rep. Eric Feige (R)
Rep. Carl Gatto (R)
Rep. Craig Johnson (R)
Rep. Bob Lynn (R)
Rep. Lance Pruitt (R)
Rep. Dan Saddler (R)
Rep. Paul Seaton (R)
Rep. Reggie Joule (D) (But part of the House Majority)

Rep. Chris Tuck (D)
Rep. Scott Kawasaki (D)
Rep. Neal Foster (D)
Rep. Berta Gardner (D)

It's not easy finding hard information online about the "Energy Council" Conference.  People seem to have pretty much the same blurb as this one from a Tim Bradner piece at the Alaska Journal of Commerce:
The council is an association of legislators from energy-producing states, Alberta and one foreign nation, Venezuela.
Senate President Gary Stevens said legislative leaders will hold a press conference while the state's lawmakers are in the nation's capital to talk about what they are doing, and will hold another press conference when they return to Juneau to explain what they accomplished.
Besides the meetings of the council itself the Alaska lawmakers will also meet with important federal officials, such as at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the agency that regulates pipelines and hydroelectric projects, both important in Alaska. [I guess Canada isn't a foreign nation.]
For a bit more, Representative Joe Green wrote about the 2002 Energy Council and House Minority Leader Beth Kerttula wrote about the 2010 Conference.

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