Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Why Most Alaskans Haven't Seen Off-Road Alaska

Except for people who have to fly to off-road Alaska for work, most Alaskans haven't seen those parts of the state, because it's generally significantly cheaper to fly Outside the state.  At least from Anchorage.  Here's an example from today's Club 49 specials. 

Dutch Harbor - 793 miles from Anchorage - is, and this is a special deal, $349 one way.  That comes to $.47 per mile.

Anchorage to Denver comes to $.08 per mile. 

Anchorage to Los Angeles comes to $.0678 per mile. 

The Nome price, for Alaska travel, seems almost reasonable, until you calculate that it comes to $.20 per mile, a lot cheaper than Dutch Harbor, but three times as much as to LA.

Note:  The Dutch Harbor, Denver, and Nome images come from the Club 49 page today.  Club 49 is a special deal for Alaska residents only.  The only way I've figured out how to get to it from the Alaska Airlines website, is to use Ask Jenn, the website's Virtual Assistant.  I either get to it from an email link or by googling.

The LA flight information was from looking up ANC-LAX flights for April.

The distance information comes from the Alaska Airlines Timetable. 

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