Friday, April 03, 2015

LA Miscellaneous - Great Thai Food, Movie Release, Rose

Here are some shots I've taken this week.  Been busy reading student papers, doing errands for my mom, and enjoying the sunshine. 

We had dinner Wednesday night at Thai Emporium with good friends from Anchorage who fled south to be near their grandkids.

WOW! This was the most authentic Thai food I can remember having in the US, outside of a wat.  I jumped when I saw pak bung fai dang, and saator on the menu.  I haven't had saator (my spelling, don't really pronounce the r but the o gets changed as if there were an r) since I stayed in Bangkok in 1989 for a month with Thai friends.  They are from southern Thailand and it was the first time I remember having that bean.  Pak Bung is a pretty common dish in Thailand, but not something you see on menus in the US.    It's on Westwood in among all the Persian places.  My mouth was back in Thailand. 

Lots of people gathered around to see some tv show being filmed on the beach next to the Santa Monica pier.  Made biking tricky.  Lots of fancy motorcycles and some women in fishnet stockings, short shorts, and heavy makeup.  A reality show?  Who knows.

I thought this was a pretty lame excuse for a photo release, but I'm not sure what you do in such an open, public place.  What about people who don't come along the bike trail?

In this is one of lots of flowers I saw as we walked from the bus stop to my mom's place when we got in Sunday morning.   Coming from snowless, but also flowerless, Anchorage  it's always nice to see all the flowers everywhere any time of the year. 

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