Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Halcro 1000 Votes Behind Demboski, 7,000 Behind Berkowitz - 10:22pm Report

43795 votes in as of the 10:11pm report.  That's 21.26% of the registered voters (many of whom are phantom).  This may be close to half the people who actually voted, though this is a mayoral race and one with lots of candidates.

If things stay the same, Berkowitz will face Demboski in a runoff. 

Registered Voters 206033 - Cards Cast 43795 21.26%Num. Report Precinct 124 - Num. Reporting 116 93.55%


Number of Precincts
Precincts Reporting
116 93.5%
Times Counted
43795/206033 21.3%
Total Votes

KERN, Jacob Seth
48 0.11%
SPEZIALE, Samuel Jos
27 0.06%
AHERN, Lance
292 0.67%
153 0.35%
16345 37.56%
6236 14.33%
DARDEN, Dustin
452 1.04%
10375 23.84%
HALCRO, Andrew
9372 21.54%
HUIT, Timothy
90 0.21%
JAMISON, Christopher
29 0.07%
Write-in Votes
100 0.23%

 Meanwhile, Prop 3 is even further behind 43% Yes, 56% No.

School board races show incumbents winning.  Snelling is 1300 votes ahead of Marsett in Seat G.

You can see the results yourselves at two muni sites:

1.  For mayoral and school board races

2. For ballot measures

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