Monday, April 27, 2015

My Brain Is Dead. Blogging Sensibly Not Possible At Moment. Some Pics Instead

Planes have been taking off to the east lately, and ours did too Sunday.  Here's UAA as we flew over.  You can it bigger if you click on the picture.  This was from my little camera, so it's not as clear as some of those below. 

Into Seattle. 

School buses. 

An Alaska Airlines attendant was scanning all the baggage tags as they came off the conveyor belt.  I hadn't seen that before.  I must say that Alaska Airlines' 20 minute baggage guarantee is what has us checking in luggage these days.  No more endless waits for bags.  They really do get them on the carousels within  20 minutes of getting to the gate.  And on those rare occasions when they don't, they give you a coupon for $25 on your next flight or mileage.  Alaska Airlines shows it can be done.  If the other airlines can't do it, it's cause it's not that important to them I guess.

Downtown Seattle from the car.

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