Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Looks Like Berkowitz (36% now) Versus Demboski (24% now) In Runoff 96% of Precincts Reporting

Here's the 10:49 report - 97% of precincts reporting.  Miserable 24% turnout at this point. 


Number of Precincts
Precincts Reporting
121 97.6%
Times Counted
49601/206033 24.1%
Total Votes

KERN, Jacob Seth
53 0.11%
SPEZIALE, Samuel Jos
29 0.06%
AHERN, Lance
339 0.69%
188 0.38%
18158 36.84%
7139 14.48%
DARDEN, Dustin
509 1.03%
11980 24.31%
HALCRO, Andrew
10645 21.60%
HUIT, Timothy
101 0.20%
JAMISON, Christopher
37 0.08%
Write-in Votes
110 0.22%

1 comment:

  1. Okay, interesting results. Still follow Alaska elections nearly nine years after leaving. Still registered to vote in Anchorage, as I must retain an American residence address for my USA citizenship and passport.

    So, good to see Ethan do well. But Andrew was a good friend to Out North, as he had served on our board and gave critical support while we worked to acquire the building. He showed me the moderate Republican was still possible, still there, like Arliss.

    Our hope now is Anchorage voters remember they are better than the loudest, ugly reactionary voices come the run-off. They can elect someone as good as Berkowitz.


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