Friday, April 10, 2015

Leaving LA

There were lots of things to do for my mom on this trip.  She's hanging in there well and it's great to have this time with her.  But there was also repair work and administrative changes to do. 

Here are a couple of shots as the plane took off just as it got dark last night. 

These are straight from the camera's memory card.  Just a result of a long lens opening.

And these are the amazing hands of the guy who runs the plumbing desk at local hardware store near my mom's place.  He's got an innate sense of how things work and he makes things happen as economically as possible for the customers.  I took this pictures while he was juggling about six customers at once - finding them the parts they needed even when they didn't know and explaining how they were going to use them.  Teasing them when they went on too long, reminding them that he had other customers.  An amazing man. 


  1. Nice hand study. Science knows life exists where there is free water. His job is to move it. Important stuff.

    My father never let his sons forget the value of skilled work, whether in a trade or in a profession. To this day, I just don't get that notion 'looking down on' physical labour. Spent many a happy hour creating things tasking my mind through my hands.

    The word that comes to mind from your post is respect.

    1. Jacob, you read this correctly. F is the kind of person who regularly reminds me that being a man has nothing to do with education and everything to do with a passion for something and for doing it well, while loving people and helping them. He takes such pleasure in each interaction and in seeing a problem solved. I've gotten to talk to him a number of times in the last year and this is just a hint at a fascinating life, where many people would just see a darker skinned man with an accent.


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