Wednesday, April 29, 2015

News Flash: If Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal, No One Will Have To Marry A Same Sex Partner

Everyone will be free to choose to marry the person they love.

I write this the day after the US Supreme Court heard Obergefall v. Hodges.  And after equal rights became an issue once again in an Anchorage mayoral race. 

From today's ADN:
“This is the kind of mayor we need for Anchorage on May 5,” wrote Prevo, using all capital letters and referencing the date of the runoff election. “Not one like Ethan Berkowitz who supports same-sex marriage and ordinances that will take away the rights of those who do not agree with him.”
Not sure what rights, other than to discriminate against people they don't like, Prevo's people will lose.  While LGBT folks lose lots of rights from Prevo's position.

Let's hope Jerry Prevo's message no longer matters to Anchorage voters next week and that he'll have to find some other issue to get his people to hand over their money to support his religious empire in Anchorage.  

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