Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Indoor Flowers

It is still April and while there are some tulip leaves along the side of the house, and I saw the first iris leaves peeking out, it is still very early for flowers outside.  And yesterday's enemic  [anemic] snow fall was a reminder that we are in Alaska.

But we do have a couple of flowering plants in the house right now.

The hoya flowers are always spectacular.  Each is about the diameter of a dime.

Here's some good advice I didn't know from Guide to Houseplants:
 "You can prune back long vines if you want to keep it compact. The best time to prune is early spring, before Hoyas start their most vigorous time of growth. Don't prune off the leafless stem -- or spur -- where flowers have been produced because flowers will form on the same spurs year after year."

The Dracaena fragranta   

"It is also very tolerant of neglect, and has been shown by the NASA Clean Air Study to help remove indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.[4] The plant is known as "masale" and is a holy plant to the Chagga people[5]"

of Tanzania.


  1. Love your flowers -- and your flower photos!

    but what's an "enemic" snowfall? I thought you were teasing us with a fancy new word but after some research have come to the conclusion you aren't.

    1. Kathy, Without an editor, I'm dependent on readers to correct my typos and mispellings. Yesterday MC called me up to alert me to inconsistent name spellings in a previous post. And you today. I didn't intend to mislead you and appreciate the prompt. Though I also saw a book yesterday that takes a very superior attitude toward grammatical and spelling areas and I had already decided to post about it.
      For the record: An Anemic snowfall is one that has a few spurts of big fat wet flakes, but melts quickly, so no one would know it had snowed.


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