Thursday, August 11, 2011

LA, Verizon Problems, Sazón, Etc.

We arrived in LA Tuesday morning.  There's a wedding we're going to and that was a good excuse to visit my mother.  But her internet connection has been out most of the time.  Verizon is very polite and patient on the phone and they agreed there was something wrong with the router.  But the guy who came to the house yesterday, reset the router, and with a rather smug manner, said he fixed it.  Well, it worked for 20 minutes and then stopped again.  Called Verizon and they couldn't even connect to the router and agreed that the guy who came by should have replaced the router.  So they're sending a new one.  I'm temporarily on some one else's internet and trying to get something up. 

I also had ordered more memory for my laptop and had it sent to my mom since I didn't know if it would get to Anchorage on time.  Then it turned out I needed a #0 philips head screw driver.   So, instead of running to the beach yesterday, I ran to a hardware store to get the screw driver.  There was a computer repair store on the way and they didn't have one.  Nor did the hardware store.  But I passed this bakery and bought a couple of roles.

I also checked out this hydroponics store, since I don't think we have such things in Anchorage yet. 

I stopped in an eyeglasses shop and while they have little screwdrivers, they're not for sale, but she suggested another hardware store - B&B - nearby that had them.

Finally, on the way back home I passed this 'healthy' Mexican restaurant - SAZÓN.  Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera when we went there for dinner later.  It was a beautiful little place - burnt orange walls, nice paintings, and tastefully covered tables.  She even made some chair covers.  And the food reminded me of 'real' Mexican food - not the overcheesed stuff we usually find in Mexican restaurants. [Update: But we did go a second time and I took my camera that time.]

Again, it's a shame I didn't take my camera because the place was so photogenic.  For people in LA, it's on Washington Blvd. at the corner of Centinela, in Culver City.

I'll try to do more when I get access again.  


  1. Hope the weather is sunny where you are--yesterday, it almost looked like it had rained in the AM where I am up the coast. It cleared later in the day and was sunny when I walked to lunch for Thai food.

  2. It is good to travel but I hate airplanes. My parents barely use internted and my grandparents are not using it at all.


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