Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Strange, Weird, Wonderful, and Cool Buildings

Someone came to my blog today through a link at Strange, Weird, Wonderful, and Cool Buildings. SWWCB posted this picture I took in January of the Frank Gehry house at Venice Beach.

Let me tell you, this is probably the least weird of the buildings on that page.  They are definitely worth looking at.  Click here to see them. 

Gehry's Disney Concert Hall
In a separate  blog post at Strange, Weird . . . for today, "the grumpy old limey" gives some background on the Gehry beach house, more pictures, and cites it as an example that Gehry does more than "flowing curves and metal claddings. . ."  (You can see those curves and claddings in this post of mine and yet another one of Gehry's spectacular Disney Concert Hall which is a photographer's dream building.)

The Strange, Weird, Wonderful, and Cool Buildings page of images includes, among other oddities, the Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria which looks something like a cross between an amphibian and a UFO; the Flying Saucer House in Tennessee;  the UFO house which is listed in both Texas and Florida;   the Sheep House and the Dog House in New Zealand (no problem figuring out which ones those are);  and there's the Crooked House in Poland.

These all stretch one's conception of what a building can be.  Go look and rearrange your brain cells a bit. 

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