Thursday, August 11, 2011

Voting Rights Consultant's Report Says Redistricting Board's Plan OK

The the Voting Rights Act consultant the Alaska Redistricting Board, Dr. Lisa Handley's, report, basically says the board's plan meets the requirements of the Voting Rights Act.  At their July 18 meeting the Board's attorney said they were expecting the VRA report in 7-10 days and then they would complete their plan.

Here's the summary of the report (the whole consultant report is available here):

The report basically explains why the board is in compliance with the Voting Rights Act.  It has tables and tables showing the voting trends of Native and non-Native voters in all the elections since 2001 in which a Native candidate was running and also showing the Native districts and whether the non-Native voters voted for the same candidate as the Native voters. 

All this is required by Alaska because of earlier challenges which found that there was discrimination against Native voters in previous redistricting.

I don't have time now to do this in more detail, but I did want to get this up while I have internet access here in LA. 

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