Saturday, August 06, 2011

Passing Moose on the Bike Trail

Coming home last night from First Friday, after we got past the tunnel under the Seward Highway on the Chester Creek trail, people began to warn us about moose ahead.

Then we got to two bikers who were pulling back.  The moose and calf were grazing right on the edge of the trail.  And we could see them walking our way.  The light was strange - it was about 10:30, so it wasn't dark yet, but under the tree cover of the trail it was darker and the lights were on.  So the first two images have a surreal look to them.  I didn't use any telephoto here, but I did crop the pictures a bit. 

Meeting moose on the bike trail is a fairly common event and they're generally not an issue if they sense that you are just going along on your way, though when they are actually on the trail, it's a bit close.  And add a calf, well, caution is advised.

After backing up, the two other bikers pulled over to the side back from the trail.  The moose kept coming on their side of the trail.  Here the moose is almost up with them.

Here the moose has just passed the bikers.  One biker moved on down the path then turned to watch.  The other biker and the moose keep a close eye on each other.  Another reason to wear your bike helmet - in case moose stomps your head. 

Now the first two bikers are gone, but we're still there.  We've retreated onto a bridge crossing the creek and the mother moose watches us carefully.  Had she intended to cross the bridge?  We waited as they slowly moseyed along.

Now they are out of the dark tree cover and onto the edge of the field, enjoying the green grass.  And we can get off the bridge and go the rest of the way home.

No matter how often this happens, it's always a treat to be so close to these huge animals.  J wasn't quite as enthralled as I was.  Nor were three kids who were walking home with two nice fish they'd caught in the creek.


  1. Nice photos. I was riding as passenger in a car just outside of Haines when a mother and calf loped along next to us for a long distance. I was snapping photos like crazy. Guess who discovered later (for the first and only time in her life) that she had no film in the camera. Thank God for digital cameras! That will never happen again.

  2. Thanks, Lynne. There's still the possibility of a dead battery or a full disk.


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