Saturday, August 06, 2011

Blogroll Feed Not Working on Last Post

On blogspot  you have choices for how to show your blogroll.  You can just have links to the different blogs.  Or you can choose to have the blog with the most recent post go to the top and include the post title.  You can even have it include a picture.

My last post - Looking at Bush and Obama as Pitchers - somehow did not get picked up by the blogrolls on some of the other sites.  It also did another strange thing.  I have my blog set up to post the last ten posts.  But the last post was the only one showing.  

So, I'm doing this post so I can see if there was something about that last post, or if this is now a recurring problem that I have to figure out how to fix.  


  1. Have you figured out why your posts weren't showing up in other's blog rolls? I've been searching for hours and haven't seen anything. My most recent one appearing is from a week ago and I've done ten posts since! It's frustrating because it's hurting my traffic.

    1. Ouch. The Exact same thing has happened to me. My most recent post showing up is from a week ago and I've done 11 posts since. Also when I comment on other blogs, usually a link to my latest post appears. This too is not happening, the post from last week still shows. Please let me know if you solved the problem and how.

    2. Mine actually ended up fixing itself out, too, within a matter of days. I think it must have been a blogger issue. Best of luck!

    3. Hey Yum, hope it straightens itself out. These computers do strange things. My iSight external camera stopped working on my computer. An Apple expert sympathized and said, "There are lots of good cheap ones now." But then after a couple of weeks I tried it and it was working fine. I think updating software can do things like this and just leaving your computer on too long too. Good luck. And btw, the pictures on your blog look great. Wished I knew about your blog when we were in KL. But we found good food anyway.

    4. Thanks guys! Patience is not a virtue I have. 12 posts already are not showing. I will wait a little longer. Thanks for the support. :-)

  2. Hannah, I just went through the settings and checked 'basic settings' and made sure it still said to listed on blogger and 'visible to search engines' and then in 'posts and comments' checked on 'show backlinks'. Everything was set ok.

    It just came on back by itself from what I can tell the next day. You might want to turn the settings off and then on again. Or shut down your computer and reboot.

    Take a deep breath and tell yourself that in the big scheme of things, visits to your site are no big deal and go be with someone you love.

    If that doesn't help, if it doesn't come back in a day, rattle the Google forums. But I've learned that you have to find a way to send glitch problems directly to google or blogger. They don't necessarily monitor the forums.

    Good luck. And report back how long it took to fix things and whether it was something you did or how it happened so others can benefit. Thanks.


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