Thursday, August 04, 2011

Orca Cannery Cordova

Sunset from Campground

As you drive from downtown Cordova toward the ferry terminal, you make an unexpected right and then pass a minimalist campground (we stayed in this gravel parking lot a few nights because it's close to town and looks out onto the water, but it's right next to the road and the only amenity is a restroom) and end up a mile or so later at the Orca Cannery.  There's a lodge there now too.  On Sunday our friends took us out there to look at this place where Martha had fished as a child and where some of Catherine's ashes are.

There's a lodge out there now, and then the old cannery buildings and lots of old stuff.

Under the Cannery


  1. Nice pictures! Brings back memories of my Cordova visit over 20 years ago. I met an old, grizzeled man who offered us some lint covered jerky he pulled out of his pocket en route to that cannery (a nice gesture none the less). Interesting moment...

  2. It's always nice to get comments like yours, Anon. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. brings back old memories! i worked at the cannery in the early 90's I think. it was fun long hours day after day! but you meet a lot of people from all over! some people complained but i thought it was a lot of fun and a new adventure!

  4. I worked at Orca for about 6-7 summer seasons. I started when I was 12 as a bullcooks assistant. I then went on to become head of cleanup crew (think firehose fights after canning). My final job was on the Beach Gang. My father was the office manager at the time (hence the 12 year old start in the labor world).

    One day we were hiking behind the cannery in the woods. I was too young (and ignorant) to know I should be carrying a firearm. Anyway, we heard this crashing behind us in the brush. We both thought we were going to be bear food. Then suddenly, the two saint bernards from the cannery appear. SO many experiences such as that....

    LOTS of great memories (and several bad ones). I would LOVE to go back, but I can safely assume that most of what I experienced is long gone..

    Don Overmiller

    1. Hey Don, thanks for posting your memories of the cannery. Maybe one of your old friends will find this and contact you.


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