Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Coho Bar - Cordova

I've got lots of pictures of  Cordova, so I'll just get them up as fast as I can, but not in any particular order.  This is from Sunday.  After a walk at the old Cannery, Joe picked the Coho Bar for lunch because it reminded him of what things used to be like in Nome.  This is NOT a place J and I would have otherwise walked into on our own, so it was good we were with Joe and Martha.

Here it is from outside.

And below, what it looks like inside.

click to enlarge all the photos

The cafe is in the back, but open to the bar.  People kept coming up to Martha to say hi and congratulations.  We got to meet lots of people and hear lots of stories.  Unfortunately, I like to keep my friends, so all the stories are off the record.  We did hear about housing, fishing, work, people's kids, people who have moved away, people moving away, and lots of other stories.  

I took this picture for the sign.  You'll probably have to click on the photo to enlarge it and see it clearly. I was surprised to see people smoking inside.  But this is out in rural Alaska where people are still free.  To some extent.  (Not endorsing, just documenting.)

And here are the newlyweds, surrounded by the Coho's cookie jar collection.  The menu is mainly burgers - all with real meat - with fries or onion rings.  I had a bowl of chili.  


  1. I didn't realize Joe and Martha were getting married. Did her dad John come up?

    I'm so happy for them both.

  2. This used to be called the Cordova House years ago. As teenagers in 1967-68 we used to walk up and down the hill and spy on all of the adults...weird kids we were...but it was fun going to high school in Cordova.

    Thanks for posting the pictures, I really enjoy them. One of these days I will try to go back and visit.


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