Tuesday, August 02, 2011

No One Cares About Your Blog

We met a number of people from the Hoover family that Joe has married into.  When picking up his new mother-in-law for dinner, we got to see the collection of art on her walls - her own work, her adult children's work, and pieces from other artists.  I also perused a couple of copies of ArtNews.  [The magazine version is a lot more appealing than the website.]  Interesting.  A nice way for someone living in Alaska to keep track of what's happening in the larger art world.

And then I saw this picture and thought, I need one of those T shirts!

I love it.


  1. Please congratulate Joe for me, if you get another chance. Supposedly there is a reunion of some of the old-time fishers from the 70s in Cordova this week, honoring Jeff Stonehill on his book. I couldn't come. If you see Jeff, tell him "Hi!" from me.

    The Hoovers are the best!

  2. We're back in Anchorage, and I think that last day's storm followed us.


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