Friday, August 12, 2011

New Router Arrived and Is Working For Now

Not having easy internet access is not a bad thing. I've been doing a lot of reading and today we took my mom on a number of errands she needed to do: the doctor, lunch, smog test, bank, and the library.

The router came after 5pm. I'd given up on seeing it today. It still had quirks to work out, but eventually got it working, both on my mom's computer and me via wifi.

Got to run down to the beach this morning. Also stopped at the 99¢ store where I bought four pair of sunglasses for 99¢ each plus tax. I lose sunglasses regularly and four pair in Anchorage would cost at least $30 and probably more. And I can't tell that the more expensive ones are any better.


  1. Don'tyou have 99 cent stores in Alaska? In Hungary we have 1 Euro stoes despite we don't use euro so actually it is a 290Ft store. We have 100Ft stores as well, but I never use this.

  2. Ropi, good question. I never noticed, but I looked online and we do have Dollar Stores and $1.49 stores. (I'm not sure if they thought they chose that price because Alaska is the 49th state.)


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