Wednesday, August 17, 2011


"There isn’t a word like Sazon in the English language. In its romantic, dual meaning in Spanish, Sazon is both: “just the right taste”, and “the perfect moment” . . ."
This definition comes from the Sazón Light who delivers meal plans to people in Chicago.

I mentioned the LA restaurant Sazón in an earlier post, but I hadn't brought my camera.  We went back last night with friends from Juneau who've moved down to the LA area.  

Here's part of the front room before it got more crowded. (Sorry about the fuzziness. It was fairly dark, but I think the mood comes across better without the flash.)

Claudia is the owner and server and a wonderful host.  (For my readers back home, her sister has worked quite a few years in Dutch Harbor.)  She can tell you about the food, about the decor, and we felt, on our second visit, like she was an old friend.  Though when she sees this picture, who knows how she'll treat me next time?

The chef peeks out of the window when he has a plate ready to be served.

And this Pescado Tropical was, hands down, the most photogenic dish of the evening. 

I think my regular readers know that I do posts on places I like (or less often I think deserve to be called on their poor quality) and that I don't get free meals or other special favors.  I don't even have an editor gives me an expense account.  But I like to let people know so they can enjoy it too.  And keep it in business so I can go back. 

Sazón is on Washington Blvd, just west of Centinela (we're in LA).  There's parking in the back and our dinner for five which included a wine and some fruit drinks, empanadas for all and a dessert was under $20 each. 


  1. Es un lugar muy cómodo, pero no me gustan pesces. Pero estoy un poco tacan~o, por eso $20 es caro por mi.

  2. ¡Comentarios en español! I like the atmosphere there and the simplicity of the walls (by the pictures you made, of course)

  3. Mi espan~ol no es tan buano. Tengo que practicar mucho para ser excellente.


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