Monday, April 06, 2015

There's More Than Mayor Candidates On Tuesday's Ballot

Besides the long list of mayoral candidates, there are ballot measures too.

Prop. 1: $59,250,000 Capital Improvements for the Anchorage School District Bonds

Prop. 2: $6,760,000 Areawide Safety and Public Transportation Capital Improvement Bonds

Prop. 3: $5,350,000 Areawide Facilities Capital Improvement Project Bonds

Prop. 4: $2,750,000 Anchorage Parks and Recreation Service Area Capital Improvement Bonds

Prop. 5: $17,030,000 Anchorage Roads and Drainage Service Area Road and Storm Drainage Bonds

Prop. 6: $1,800,000 Anchorage Fire Service Area Fire Protection Bonds

Then there's one more that only Girdwood residents vote on to create and maintain a municipal cemetery in Girdwood.

The League of Women Voters has the details of each measure here.

Altogether, these six measures add about $26 to the tax bill of someone in a $100,000 house according to the document.  That's about $100 for a $400,000 house.  Or about the cost of taking a family of four to dinner and a movie.  Even for a cheap guy like me, that's a real bargain.  We all pitch in a little bit and get a lot in return. 

[For those of you who are subscribers and are getting this for the third time, I apologize.  I'm reposting it because Feedburner is not sending this out to blogrolls and reposting has been an imperfect, but sometimes successful, way to get it to work in the past.]

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