Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Early Election Results - Anchorage [Updated]

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While I'm waiting for the early results, let me note that the election results page at the Municipality says there are 206,033 voters. A Muni report gives the 2010 population at 291,836 with 74% of the population 18 years of age or over.  The state Department of Labor estimates Anchorage has 300,549 in 2015.  If we use that number, then 228,417 Anchorage residents would be old enough to be registered voters.  That would mean 90% of eligible Anchorage voters are actually eligible to vote.  That's much higher than national averages.  Nationally, registration is about 70%.

This is not new news.  In fact, it's a great improvement over 2014 when 103% of Anchorage's eligible voters were registered.   Some people are no longer Alaska residents - they've died or moved out of state, but haven't been purged from the voter rolls.  Some of those out of state have maintained Alaska residency and still vote - some military and others who can stay eligible for the permanent fund checks.  And there are Alaskans overseas who maintain their residency.

OK, here are the first returns 9:01pm:


Number of Precincts
Precincts Reporting
24 19.4%
Times Counted
6657/206033 3.2%
Total Votes

KERN, Jacob Seth
9 0.14%
SPEZIALE, Samuel Jos
7 0.11%
AHERN, Lance
41 0.62%
26 0.39%
2594 39.27%
910 13.78%
DARDEN, Dustin
72 1.09%
1555 23.54%
HALCRO, Andrew
1358 20.56%
HUIT, Timothy
17 0.26%
JAMISON, Christopher
3 0.05%
Write-in Votes
14 0.21%

[UPDATE 9:27pm

Most of the bond measures are passing at this point - 11,000 votes - except for Prop 3 which is behind by 11%.  All the other are ahead by at least 11%.  Here, from the League of Women's Voters link, are the projects that are in Prop. 3. 

Project Estimated Cost Estimated Annual O&M
Anchorage Golf Course – maintenance of chalet $500,000 $0
Library – automated handling system $850,000 $0
Chester Creek Sports Complex – expand parking lot and
relocate Mulcahy Stadium
$1,500,000 $0
Facility safety and code upgrades 2,500,000 $0

Is it the golf course they don't like?  Chester Creek?  The library?  Or maybe people are suspicious about the zero operation and maintenance estimates.  

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