Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trump Is The Joker In Peter's New Deck Of Cards

Anchorage cartoonist Peter Dunlap-Shohl has created a truly wicked deck of cards.  Peter retired early from the Anchorage Daily News* as his early onset Parkinson's diagnosis hit him and he thought he might not be able to continuing drawing and that his life was significantly shortened.

But technology has made it possible for him to continue drawing and he has two blogs.  One, Frozen Grin, continues his political cartooning, and it's where this deck of card was just revealed.

The other is a Parkinson's blog where he first began to post cartoons about his adventures with the diabolical villain PD.  Those cartoons ended up in a book - My Degeneration - which last year was highlighted in the Journal of the American Medical Association as the one of the top 2016 Graphic Medicine offering.

So I'm not at all surprised to see this spectacular deck of cards.

And, yes, they aren't just on his blog (where you can see all the face cards), but they are also available for purchase here.   

And yes, I know Peter as a friend and fellow Anchorage blogger, but I get nothing out of this other than the satisfaction that his work might get the recognition it deserves and that people who might find this deck of interest have access to it.

*Anchorage Daily News is now Alaska Dispatch News.

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