Monday, April 03, 2017

GCI More Important Than The Rest Of Us

ADN explains why Alaska members of congress voted to end internet privacy protection:
"The rule would have required internet service providers (ISPs) to get consent from users before collecting information from their web browsing history for any purpose, including advertising.
Other internet companies like Google and Facebook don't have to do the same; though they have more limited access to browsing history, they do use the information they gather to make money advertising to users.
Murkowski, Sullivan and Young for the most part said that their concerns about piecemeal regulations outweighed their desire to protect individuals' data.
'So we looked at this one very carefully. Where I came down on it at the end was: What this rule did was it set up basically two standards depending on what the platform was. And that made no sense," Murkowski said after voting in favor of repealing the FCC rule. "It would have created confusion.'"
Their explanation means two things to me:

  1. They value fairness for corporations over fairness for US citizens
  2. GCI has more clout in Alaska than the people of Alaska.  Remember - Ted Stevens died in a plane crash going to a GCI retreat on a GCI plane with GCI execs, as he had done over the years

Of course, this was also the Republican party line anyway.

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