Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Municipal Election Results 3

9:14 pm numbers

DistrictVotes    Percentage
Assembly District 1 5/14 precincts
SWANK, Albert484
COX, Chris17516%
CONSTANT, Christopher54850%
MARTINSON, Mark Alan202%
DUNSMORE, David26623%
WEST, Warren282.5%

Assembly District 2  6/19 precincts
BRASSELL, John L189      13%
DONNELLY, Patrick79          5%
DYSON, Fred732       52%
WEHMHOFF, Gretchen402       28.5%

Assembly District 3 9/26 precincts
STEELE, Tim1488
NEES, David809

Assembly District 4  8/25 precincts
ALLEVA, Ron162
SANDERS, Marcus D191
SMITH, Don457
RIVERA, Felix857

Assembly District 5 10/25
JONES, Don1334
PETERSEN, Pete1687

Assembly District 6 5/26
FOGLE, Albert943
LAFRANCE, Suzanne968

Seat VotesPercent
School Board C 38/124 precincts
SMALLWOOD, James   237123%
HILDE, Alisha182417%
HOTCH, Tasha126512
DONLEY, Dave431941%
JAMISON, Christopher5305%

School Board C38/124 precincts
SCHUSTER, Kay459243%
HOLLEMAN, Andy474345%
BERKE, Albert1041

Prop 1 ASD6919 5208
Prop 2 Pub Safety
Prop 3 Parks66645467
Prop 4 Roads
Prop 5 Fire69005180
Prop 6 APD63621129
Prop 7 Parks
Service Area
Prop 8  Taxis48536980

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