Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Municipal Election Results Soon

I voted today at my local precinct.  I was voter number 76 at about 2pm.  That doesn't sound like a lot and it isn't.  There are about 1200 voters registered in my precinct.


  • more and more people are voting early
  • the state is notoriously slow about purging people who have died or moved away

Midnight Sun blog posted the other day that the Municipality is hosting election central at the Denai'na Center starting at 6:30pm (polls don't close until 8pm) with parking available in the Muni parking lot.

The Alaska Women For Political Action are having their election party starting at 7pm at the Lakefront Anchorage on Spenard.

I'm not sure if I'm going to go out and mingle or stay home and post election results.

But you can find out the election results as they are posted on the Muni election page.  I'm guessing they will be available on this page title 'election results'.  If you go there before 8pm, it probably will only show 2016 and earlier results.  Last year they preloaded a bunch of early votes and posted them at about 8pm.

You can check back here around 8pm to see if I'm posting results or pictures of people gathering.

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