Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Anchorage Election Results 5 [Updated]

These are 9:47 results for Assembly and School Board and 9:57 for Propositions.
Still a few close races.  Donley seems to have his school board seat though.

[UPDATE - I'm adding the 9:57 numbers to the 9:47 numbers for Assembly and ASD.

DistrictVotes    Percentage
Assembly District 1    9/14precincts
SWANK, Albert63/66
COX, Chris240/247
CONSTANT, Christopher811/383(error)50.72%/50.48%
MARTINSON, Mark Alan37/40
DUNSMORE, David377/395
WEST, Warren54/55

Assembly District 2 

BRASSELL, John L253/334
DONNELLY, Patrick127179
DYSON, Fred956/137749.18%/48.64%
WEHMHOFF, Gretchen593/921

Assembly District 3
18/26  precincts

STEELE, Tim2838/307560.99/61.11%
NEES, David1755/1892

Assembly District 4 
16/25 precincts

ALLEVA, Ron367/414
SANDERS, Marcus D458/543
SMITH, Don1027/1234
RIVERA, Felix1844/215949.5%/49.19%

Assembly District 5 
18/25 precincts

JONES, Don2096/2350
PETERSEN, Pete2696/305855.95%/56.25

Assembly District 6 
8/26 precincts
new #s 10/26 precincts
FOGLE, Albert1405/198847.89%/46.99
LAFRANCE, Suzanne1517/222451.70%/52.56%

Seat VotesPercent
School Board C 
72/124 precincts
SMALLWOOD, James   4072/4838
HILDE, Alisha3037/3612
HOTCH, Tasha2225/2666
DONLEY, Dave7400/887341.43%/41.49%
JAMISON, Christopher937/1120

School Board C
    72/124 precincts

SCHUSTER, Kay7822/939543.39%/43.57%
HOLLEMAN, Andy8169/978845.31%/45.40%
BERKE, Albert1818/2116

Adding 22.14 changes to this chart

Prop 1 ASD14419 /18223    * 10635/13881
Prop 2 Pub Safety
12027/14998   12996/17070*
Prop 3 Parks13709/17317    *11361/14831
Prop 4 Roads
14557/18388    *10240/13432
Prop 5 Fire13953/17598    *11014/14416
Prop 6 APD12932/16253   *12015/15743
Prop 7 Parks
Service Area
13189/16727   *11625/15107
Prop 8  Taxis10150/1292514397/18557   *

* leading

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