Saturday, April 08, 2017

Picasso at the Lapin Agile - Einstein Too

I'm sticking this in quickly because this show plays again tonight and tomorrow and I enjoyed it
greatly and want people to know about it before it ends Sunday.

It takes place in 1904 - or as, I think, Einstein pointed out in the play, in the first decade of the 20th Century - in a Paris bar.  It's a night when both Einstein and Picasso show up and talk about how each will change the world.  For having two such illustrious figures, the play is pretty lightweight.  But this Steve Martin authored play was fun, sexy, and a little thought-provoking.

And, it was very well done.  From the stage design to the costumes to the acting, it was a delight and I recommend it to anyone who at least knows who Picasso, Einstein, and Matisse are.  The actors were terrific - and the young Einstein and young Picasso - don't look anything like they do on the cover of the program.  Though casting for the young Einstein was genius.  You know who he is immediately.

A funny, affectionate look at these two characters.  Truly enjoyable theater.

I took this before the performance began.  As you can see it's very intimate.  We got there just before 8 and there weren't two seats available together.  I sat close enough to the stage that sometimes I felt part of the play.  No more than a couple of feet from the actors if they were at the bar.

I'd suggest going online at getting your tickets in advance.  And getting there by 7:30 tonight, if you can go.  Tomorrow it starts at 5, so give yourself time to get a seat.

It's in the UAA Art and Theater building - in the Harper Studio, not the main stage.  It's all well marked in the building.

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