Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hands Up, Don't Shoot - Anchorage

As I left the Alaska Experience theater about 2:50pm to catch Rocks In My Pockets at the Museum, I heard want sounded like a drum?  chanting?  I'd just seen the short "What Cheer?" where the main character is followed around, closely, by his own bizarre brass band.  So I was wondering if I was hearing that in my head.

But I looked back, as it got louder, and there were marchers coming down 4th Avenue to cross C St  where I had just been.  There were marchers in Seattle last week, but I was driving and had to make a left turn before our path was blocked by the marchers.  So no pictures.

But this time i was on foot and so here's a super short video to just document the march.

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