Saturday, December 13, 2014

AIFF 2014: Who Is Ronald Gottlieb And Does Engin Karabagli Have Hairy Legs?

In Engin Karabagli's short animated film, which plays in the Animation program tonight at 7pm, the main character is named Ronald Gottlieb.  And that is also the name of the film.  Where did that name come from?

Ronald Gottlieb has a problem in the film.  He has no hair on his skinny legs.

At the festival, I keep running into Engin.  We made a short video of him describing his film last week.  It was the regular canned statement that all filmmakers have practiced just in case someone asks.  I prefer something more spontaneous.  So I asked for more on Thursday.  And I put the two clips together and posted them Friday here.

But then I thought I really should have asked him why he named the movie Ronald Gottlieb and was there some personal issue about leg hair?  And so when I saw him again Friday night at the short docs program, I got the chance to ask those questions.  And you can see and hear the answers below.

You can see Ronald Gottlieb and the other short animated films at 7pm today (Saturday) at the Alaska Experience Theater.

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