Monday, December 08, 2014

AIFF 2014: Monday Choices

The craziness of the weekend schedules - multiple movies playing simultaneously from 11 am to 11 pm - is over.  But one is still left with decisions.  Here's today's schedule.

I've had trouble keeping up with all the feature films and all the documentaries.  My focus has been on those 'in competition' to start with and then look beyond.  I did see "Listening" last night and enjoyed it and I'll post more on that later.  Just because a film isn't in competition doesn't mean it's not good, and the decision to pick one film over another often is divided.  Every year, there's at least one feature or documentary that I think is better than one in competition.

But tonight, I'm going with Appropriate Behavior (feature in competition) and Mala Mala (documentary in competition.

Appropriate Behavior is about an Iranian-American lesbian.  I bet you haven't seen too many films on that theme.  I have more on the film in my list of features in competition.   5:30pm Bear Tooth

Mala Mala is about the Puerto Rican trans community.  Another topic you probably haven't seen on film before.  This one is a documentary and I've covered it a bit more in my list of docs in competition.  8pm Bear Tooth

These two films are part of the Festivals traditional "Gayla" program.

Other Films being shown tonight:

Porch Stories
This feature sounds promising.  From their Indie GoGo fund raising page (which got $7900 out of their goat of $7500.)
Maddie is engaged and closing on a house when a man from her past walks by, throwing her planned out life into question. From nearby porches, neighbours young and old witness Maddie’s quandary unfold and are in turn moved to act radically in pursuit of their own happiness. Maddie’s actions inspire her next door neighbours - an elderly Portuguese couple and a musical brother/sister duo - to follow their hearts’ desire, even if it means going against convention.

And here's an interview with Sarah Goodman, the director, before it was finished if you want to  find out more.   The film takes place in Toronto.   8pm Alaska Experience Large

Made in Alaska #4  includes an aurora film.  You can get more info on each film here.  When you go to the link, click on the titles.  7pm Alaska Experience Small
The Homestretch is a documentary that follows the lives of three homeless high school students as they struggle to graduate.  I heard good things about this movie from people who saw it Saturday, and I'm sorry I'm going to miss it.  6pm Museum

Mr. Intangibles  -  A bit from their Kickstarter Page (which also has a trailer):

MR. INTANGIBLES has been a labor of love from the beginning.  Over the course of 3 years, we wrote, re-wrote, raised money and finally shot our passion project.  We pulled together an amazing cast and crew and shot a film that is both heartfelt and hilarious.  And now we are seeking your help to finish post production and bring this film to a theater near you!
SYNOPSIS:Inspired by (probably) true events, MR. INTANGIBLES is the story of Billy “Junk” Wainwright, a guy who only loves two things: his girlfriend, Celia, and his college football team, The Bulldogs. But when Junk finds out that Celia is leaving him to date the team’s star quarterback and nation’s golden boy, Tate Armstrong, Junk’s world is turned upside down and kicked in the nuts.  8pm Museum


The description at Festival Genius:
"Deep in the woods, four teenage boys come face to face with their own conscience."

  The Hollywood Reporter review, gives a little more detail.
"To celebrate their winning season, Hank and his friends Kaz (Brandon Smith) and Benny (Lewis Tan) decide to go on a hunting trip, with Tim begging to come along. Things begin well enough, with the usual drinking and boisterous spirits, until . . ."
I don't want to spoil it so I'll stop there.  And it's in Texas.  6pm Ak Experience Large


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