Wednesday, December 10, 2014

AIFF 2014: What's On Today (Wednesday)

  Here's the Wednesday schedule.

ACS Internet was down till just now.  Just a quickie here and I'll try to get a Wed post up shortly.

Ambassador to Bern was very good last night.  Two Hungarian immigrants to Switzerland in 1956 break into the Hungarian embassy in Switzerland after the Russians invade Hungary.  I asked a bunch of people, as they came out of the theater what they thought.  Intense was a word a number used.  It's one of the best films I've seen at the festival so far.   I've got a Skype interview I did with the director, Attila Szász up here.

[UPDATE:   I just posted video of audience reactions to The Ambassador to Bern.]

I saw the documentary  Mala Mala  Monday night.  It's a strong documentary that takes you into a world I knew nothing about - transexuals in Puerto Rico.  While the filmmakers take is sympathetic, it's not all a pretty picture.  When you seriously look into the world of transexuals, you have to question our culture's traditional black and white notions about gender.  What your genitals look like simply may not be consistent with what you head knows.  Is that a disorder?  To the extent that people's mental and physical identities are inconsistent and that causes them pain, sure.  But if society were not so freaked out about the idea, they would have a lot less pain.  Worth seeing - and it had the best final credits of any film I've seen so far - neon lights, music, and a dancer.

Both these are 'in competition' for awards in their category, and if I hadn't seen them both, I think I'd be headed for the Alaska Experience small theater to see them at 5:30 and 7:30.

The Mexican Consulate program at the Bear Tooth should be good too - they always bring up first rate films and there's a reception after The Zebra.   I suspect that's where I'll end up.

But the museum hosts two docs that have tempting subjects.  Thule Tuvalu is a documentary that apparently links glacial melting in Greenland to the flooding of the South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu.  Cold Love looks at arctic exploration.

Winter Project is a feature centering on snow machining in Alaska.

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