Saturday, December 06, 2014

AIFF 2014: Bob Curtis-Johnson On The Digital Data Management Workshop

I ran into long time Anchorage film maker Bob Curtis-Johnson, who has been promoting film making and new film makers for decades.  I knew he was doing a workshop, but I didn't know the details, so I asked.  When we have national talents in town for the Festival,  I think there should be more technical workshops aimed at local film makers.

This workshop - Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014  at 2pm at the Museum - on Digital Data Management is the kind of workshop I was talking about.  But listen to Bob describe it.

The official Title is:

Archive Before You Shoot: Media Management 
for Digital Filmmaking

The official description is:
Illustrated with an eclectic assortment of digital media and film clips, this open conversation will explore workflows used by digital filmmakers and how media can be optimized to aid repurposing (such as stock footage licensing) and ongoing preservation. Jeff Consiglio, editor on multiple Academy Award-recognized documentary films, will Skype in from L.A. to discuss his media management workflow. Included in the conversation will be a discussion of the digital and analog preservation technologies utilized for the recent restoration of UKSUUM CAUYAI (The Drums of Winter), a 90-minute feature documentary listed on the Library of Congress' National Film Preservation Registry. Also: "52 Cats and 1 Kitten" makes its triumphant return to the Alaskan screen.

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