Wednesday, December 10, 2014

AIFF 2014: Anchorage Audience Liked The Ambassador To Bern

This film plays again tonight (Wednesday) at 5:30 downtown at the Alaska Experience theater.  Last night's audience at the Bear Tooth appeared to really like it  Here is a sampling of the audience as they walked out.  (And the two dark ones at the end were in the unlit theater still.)

This is everyone I talked to.  (I didn't cut out ones I didn't like.)

There was a short written explanation of the context at the beginning of the film, but it went too fast for most people to read.  AVO was the secret police in Hungary.

Actually there were two stories going on.  The breaking into the Hungary embassy is what we see on the screen, but the background (which relates to what's going on) was the Hungary freedom fighters in 1956 and the subsequent Soviet invasion to put them down.  Among the embassy staff there are people who were on different sides of the political upheaval  in Hungary.

You can see my Skype interview with the director, Attila Szász, here.

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