Friday, December 12, 2014

AIFF 2014: Saturday Schedule - Lots of Movies, No Bear Tooth

The second weekend, lots of movies, lots of hard choices.  But no Bear Tooth this weekend.  That's new this year.

Here's the grid for Saturday.  You can get it with live links here.

The only thing I'm absolutely sure of, is that I want to see the Animation program at 7pm.  And I've heard good things about The Barefoot Artist showing at 11am.  Appropriate Behavior is a figuring out who I am film about an Iranian-American lesbian.  It's funny and well done.  I've posted about 6 Bullets to Hell here.  A friend has challenged my problem with a gang rape and murder in the movie.  I'm not saying it doesn't fit in the movie, but I am saying that in general, movies that have violence against women as entertainment, aren't movies I want to see.  There are times when such events are part of the context of the movie that makes an important point.  My friend pointed out that a 14 year old is molested in WildLike too.  My response is that

  • what we saw on screen was from the point of view of the victim
  • it was suitably uncomfortable and creepy
  • the film showed the long term negative consequences
  • the situation was integral to the whole story which was about sexual abuse and its terrible consequences
Is a movie like 6 Bullets To Hell merely reflecting society?  Or do such movies model behavior for viewers as well as desensitize them to the fact that such actions are despicable?  Even if the movie then proceeds to portray the perps as the bad guys?   I don't know the answer to that.  I'm not for banning such scenes.  But I don't have to watch them and I hope others object to them as well.  This is NOT entertainment - and 6 Bullets To Hell, if not meant to be entertainment, is nothing at all.  

Sorry, didn't mean to go there, but I do think violence against women is a major problem in the world and in Alaska and it should be challenged when it's used as entertainment in films.

All The Time In The World is about a family of five that spends a year in the Yukon wilderness.  That's all I know about it.

A non-film event Saturday is the SAG-AFTRA seminar.  That stands for Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Actors.  It's intended to educate both actors and film makers on the role of the union is film making.  It's being put on by Ron Holmstrom.  Below is a video where he explains more:

I mistyped the date - as you can see above - but that led me to learning about using annotations in YouTube as you'll see if you watch the video.

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