Wednesday, December 10, 2014

AIFF 2014: Thursday's Choices - Universal Language In Love And Pain Program

Frederique Nahmani is one the two main characters in the short narrative film Universal Language.  Kirsten Russell directed the film. Kirsten's Kickstarter Page is a good place to learn more about the film.  Here they are Monday night at the Bear Tooth and I believe they will still be here Thursday evening when the film plays again in the "Love and Pain" short narrative program.  I say this here, because for me, that film is the only one so far that has, for me, transcended beyond the story - things just all worked. 6:00 pm AK Experience large theater.  

As you can see in the grid below, the three programs that short narratives in competition will all play Thursday.  But, unfortunately, they weren't scheduled so you could see them all unless you planned ahead and saw Global Village already, because the Mixed Bag program only plays once, overlapping with Global Village.   And, unfortunately, with the 8pm feature, Come To My Voice, which people told me I must see.  It's about Kurds in Turkey.  8pm Bear Tooth  Come To My Voice plays again Sunday at 11am.  

The after school program is "youth films' made by Anchorage students.  I'm guessing some of the most original stuff might be in there.  Or else they just copied what they thought was how to do it.  You'll have to go to find out.  3pm Bear Tooth

The Other Side is part of the Confucius Institutes program of Chinese films.  It's feature about artists in China.  You can read more here.  5:30 pm Bear Tooth

Seeds of Time is one of the documentaries in competition that examines the underground seed collection and the man who established it to preserve as many seeds as possible for the future.  Read more here.  5:30pm Ak Exp Small

Finally, always one of the more exciting events of the festival - the Quiksilver Short Film Contest.  The films can't be more than 5 minutes long and they must include in the film three 'prompts' that were given out Dec. 4.  I don't know what they are.  It's fun to watch the films and try to figure it out.
But it is late  10:15pm Bear Tooth

Another good film in the Love and Pain program was Reaching Home.  Below is a very brief video with the director Ken Murphy last weekend.

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