Friday, December 12, 2014

AIFF 2014: Engin Karabagli, Ronald Gottlieb, And Saturday Night's Animation Program

The only animation I've seen so far this year has been the feature length Rocks In My Pocket which I thought was great, though I understand the folks who say it was too long and needed some editing.  I forgive the film maker for such little issues given the amazing visual story she told.

There was also a bit of animation in some other films - in the short narrative film about  communicating with plants, Life and Perception by Andre Stamatakakos.

I first ran into Engin Karabagli, last Saturday afternoon and got a bit of video about his film.  I missed the animation program that evening, but I've seen Engin here and there and yesterday I decided to get something a little more candid than the first shot.  His film, Ronald Gottlieb, plays again Saturday night at 7pm, when I'm planning to see it.  Here's an invitation to see Ronald Gottlieb by the film maker - who was born in Istanbul, grew up in Holland, went to NYU, and now is based in Istanbul.

If you see him around the festival, be sure to say hi.

Here's the whole animation program from Anchorage Festival Genuis:

7:00 PM     Sat, Dec 13
screens with...

And if you really can't go tomorrow night and really want to see Ronald Gottlieb, it's on Engin's vimeo page.

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